John Hudson has worked in publishing for longer than he’d care to admit, mainly in the specialist and professional sector which rarely troubles the bestseller lists, (although the Highway Code is the unglamorous bestseller which is easily forgotten, and he used to be responsible for selling two million copies annually). As well as constantly innovating in the course of regular employment, he is active in the publishing sector more generally with pro-bono activities in a number of fields.

Bath Abbey (Stephen Morris)

Online lore dictates that those who visit websites have an attention span incapable of reading more than a single page or digesting words of more than two syllables. If that’s you, thanks for getting this far. It’s been great knowing you. If you are up for the Syllable Challenge, however, take a deep breath and for John’s account of the thrills and spills, so far, of a career in publishing click here (opens on a new page).

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